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Art Restoration

Art Restoration Services

We provide professional restoration for oil paintings, art on paper, documents, photos, sculpture and antique frames.

Oil Paintings

We clean both oil paintings and acrylic paintings; we can also repair tears and holes, stabilize flaking paint, retouch areas of missing paint, and line old and fragile canvases.

Art on Paper

We do document repair and deacidification, and clean stained and mildewed prints, drawings and pastels. We also repair tears and touch up both engravings and more contemporary lithographs and giclees. 
FREE consultations,
for art and frame restoration services, visit us today at 830 E New Haven Ave.
We can restore original antique, hand-colored photos, and usually have a selection of antique portrait frames in house, if yours is gone.

More modern photos can be restored digitally, and in some cases the restoration can be done on the original.

For those of you who have gone through Hurricane Irma and have storm damage, I know that your art, needlework, etc. may not be the first thing you get to during your recovery.

However, if you have damaged pieces that are irreplaceable, or just well-loved, the amount of time they remain wet makes a huge difference in both our ability to restore them and the cost.

Things brought in quickly (as soon as possible, or at least within a week) can usually just be dried, flattened amd maybe have mats and backing replaced. The cost is minimal.

LONGER - going on to two or three weeks and framed pieces usually grow mold. Some items, such as prints and originals on paper that are done with non-water-soluble media, can be cleaned (more expensive, obviously, than just drying them out). NEEDLEWORK that has mold growing on it is UNRESTORABLE since to kill mold we must us a chlorine-based chemical, and this would cause the dyed yarn colors to run.

also need to be treated quickly. Mold will push the paint off the canvas, or in the case of thinly painted canvases will leave stains that are not removable without losing paint.

THE 3RD AND WORST STAGE, something we have experienced with past storm restorations, is when so much time goes by that a usually cleanable piece of art on paper has grown so much mold that it degrades the paper to the point where it disintegrates when lowered into the cleaning bath.

So for anything that you are uneasy about that has gotten wet, or even just damp, the sooner you get it to a restorer, the better, both for your framed art and your pocketbook.
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